Strategic Grant Partners

Strategic Grant Partners has completed its last round of grantmaking and will discontinue any future grantmaking activities.  SGP donated over $88,000,000 since 2002 to support positive change for children and families in Massachusetts. Our coalition of families demonstrated that a collective grantmaking approach is both possible and beneficial. We thank all of our grantees, who in genuine partnership with us, delivered meaningful services with demonstrable impact.

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About Strategic Grant Partners

Our Mission

The SGP Mission is to partner with outstanding leaders with game changing ideas that improve the lives of children and families.


Go deep. Research, listen and learn. Seek sustainable solutions. Work with excellent leaders.


In September 2002, several families agreed to join the collaborative Strategic Grant Partners, establishing the common mission of helping children and families in Massachusetts improve their lives.

Issue Areas

Our priority is on funding issue areas that make a meaningful difference in the lives of children and families.


  • Child Welfare
  • Early Childhood
  • Family Self-Sufficiency
  • Getting High Risk Youth To Work And College
  • K – 12 Education
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