Go deep: Focused attention and funding for a small number of organizations allows for ambitious goals, stable and focused implementation, and strong, trusting relationships established over time.

Research, listen, and learn: Being informed about the problem, the philosophy of the work, and relevant research and developing relationships with experts are strategic imperatives.

Seek sustainable solutions: We help organizations devise plans for long-term financial and organizational sustainability up front.

Work with excellent leaders: A good idea is impotent without strong, capable, and decisive leadership.

Provide dogged support with pro bono consulting including strategic planning, business planning and ongoing coaching to grantee organizations, in particular:


  • To clarify their theories of change and strengthen their business plans;
  • To communicate their work powerfully to others;
  • Provide “block & tackle” problem-solving and a safe haven for rigorous problem solving;
  • By advocating for them with other funders and decision-makers.

Because they have a deep understanding of our model and have been an active partner in our growth over the past 2 years, we were able to engage in a deeper level of planning with knowledge and trust that they were invested in a way that a typical facilitator wouldn’t be.  MTW is in a better place with a solid and thoughtful strategy for mission critical growth and for supporting youth to outcomes because of our strategic planning experience with SGP.

Jodi Rosenbaum Tillinger

Executive Director, More Than Words